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Queritel is a  SaaS data collection software business.  

We help organizations crowdsource data about the world and its peoples

Queritel helps nonprofits, CPG (consumer packaged goods) brands, and government agencies connect with the local communities they serve through our mobile and web platforms. 


✢ Our Values is built on four (4) core values;

  1. Create Mutually Beneficial Partnerships and Communities

  2. Be Kind

  3. Be Open 

  4. Give Back 

  5. Help Others

Here are our Community Standards 

☑ Community is a network built with community in mind. The strength of the network is dependent on the quality of the people within it. At we value the collaboration and sharing between people that encourage change  and positive results. 


One of the most valuable commodity in todays online world is identity. At we verify the identity profiles of our service providers so that clients can trust that we have the very best within our network. 

☑ Reputation

We know that our service providers existed outside of our network before, and joining their reputation is now linked to ours and vice versa. We value our brand and the brand reputation (personal or organisational) of our service providers. 

 Helping Others is not just another marketplace but a premier market network for business intelligence  where clients can get real and valuable help to achieve their business goals. In many ways we are your business partners invested in your success. A big part of giving back is supporting young entrepreneurs and the social causes. We believe if more people do better in life everyone else is better off.

✢ Origins 

Queritel was co-founded in December, 2016 by Shani Bennett and Kevonne Martin while at the University of the West Indies (UWI), as Law and Marketing Majors. The company was originally named ResearchAid+ and targeted students with research assignments as its customer segment. In February 2018 the company released its second version of its web-based platform. The company has raised funding through the Start-Up Chile Program and the Development Bank of Jamaica.